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I want my app to be able to post status updates to a specific Page. I've got an application set up and retrieved its app ID, and I'm following the the “Page Login” section at the bottom of the Facebook authentication documentation here.

The first stage (user granting the app the manage_page permission) seems to work perfectly. I get redirected to a URL like this:


The docs then say you should access the following:


replacing TOKEN_FROM_ABOVE with the one returned by the previous request, and this should return “a list of all the Pages the user administers including Page specific access token for each Page”.

However, it doesn't. All I get is the following JSON response:

    "error": {
        "message": "An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later.",
        "type": "OAuthException"

What am I doing wrong? Could I have set something up incorrectly when creating the application? The error message is less than helpful, so any assistance would be much appreciated.

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'Unexpected error' = server side error; does the access token you have work for other calls? (e.g. /me/permissions) Also, you can retrieve the page access token with a request to /PAGE_ID?fields=access_token – Igy Dec 2 '11 at 9:39
No, the key doesn't seems to work for other calls either - I tried /me/permissions and got the same error. If I visit https://graph.facebook.com/MYPAGEID?fields=access_token I just get false returned. No JSON, just false. I presume that was the right URL? I tried to look it up but Facebook's API docs are currently unavailable due to a server error... – Mark Bell Dec 2 '11 at 11:02
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Just suddenly started working this morning—no idea why.

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Well, random downvoter, that's what happened. What did you want me to write? – Mark Bell Jun 25 '12 at 17:40
Ahah nice response. Also I have 15 apps monitoring 15 FB Pages legitimately as an admin. We grab data once an hour, then process posts and comments based on hashtags. It has been running for about 2 months. Once every few days one of the apps will get this error. Next time it runs (via a scheduled task) the error is gone. Some serious FB api gremlins – Ben E G Jan 21 '14 at 5:13
Yep, the fact that my (essentially useless) answer has a number of upvotes suggests that several others have encountered these odd, intermittent issues with the Facebook API... – Mark Bell Jan 21 '14 at 12:05
This seems appropriate: bogost.com/blog/oauth_of_fealty.shtml – Mark Bell May 7 '14 at 14:23

I think I can shed a little more light on this.

I get this return often when making a request for the Page specific access tokens; failures on this call seem to be proportional to the number of Page's that are administered by the account for which the access token is for, so if you admin 100 pages, you will fail more often than if you have 1 pages, if you have a 5000 pages failures will happen more often than they don't.

This indicates that the failure is related to the response size, as the JSON returned can be very lengthy for large sets of Page's.

The fix for this is simple. Instead of requesting all of the Page's using

http://graph.facebook.com/me/accounts?access_token={admin access token}


http://graph.facebook.com/{page id}?fields=access_token&access_token={admin access token}

This will return the access token for just that page. Because the response is small you should experience Facebook server-side errors much less frequently. Since I switched I don't think I've ever experienced a failure and I make the call very often.

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Thanks—I don't think this was the issue, as my test account was only administering one page, but +1 for pointing out a way to retrieve just the token for a specific page. – Mark Bell Dec 8 '11 at 11:47
That is interesting, thanks for following up – walnutmon Dec 8 '11 at 15:33
How would you get back the page ids to insert into the page specific call? The only endpoint I know to do that is the accounts endpoint, and I'm getting the same error as the original poster when I hit the accounts endpoint. – mmrobins Jul 17 '12 at 21:26

Try this... https://graph.facebook.com/me/accounts?access_token=TOKEN_FROM_ABOVE&expires_in=6483

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I get the same error. Also, why would you pass in the expires_in property? Surely that's a read-only parameter that would be set by Facebook when issuing the token? – Mark Bell Dec 2 '11 at 9:24

I agree with Mark as it starts suddenly all of a sudden, I was getting this error while posting some open graph actions and objects on my facebook timeline, but the issue I discovered was basically with the cache facebook maintains.

I made some "og" meta-tags changes in my object URLs (talking about Open Graph objects here), and somehow facebook was giving the same error as mentioned in the main question because it was not taking the changes on refreshing my page completely. Then, to refresh those from the facebook side, I had to just debug my object URLs (both 'http' and 'https' ones) from facebook debugger and voila !

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