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I have a byteArray of recorded sound.

But how can I transfer the ByteArray data back to a real Sound object?

I know that I can pass the ByteArray to an SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA listener , but that way I would have to keep the raw ByteArray and pass it every time the sound plays ... but I'd rather like a real Sound object in the end to work with

--> I need the reverse function of Sound.extract(ByteArray, ...) !

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Have you check this function of Sound in Flash Player 11?


you can load byteArray to Sound Object Directly.

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The docs on Sound say:

In Flash Player 10 and later and AIR 1.5 and later, you can also use this class to work with sound that is generated dynamically. In this case, the Sound object uses the function you assign to a sampleData event handler to poll for sound data. The sound is played as it is retrieved from a ByteArray object that you populate with sound data. You can use Sound.extract() to extract sound data from a Sound object, after which you can manipulate it before writing it back to the stream for playback.

I don't see any other interface for creating a Sound object from a ByteArray. You could potentially write your own class implementing Sound, and allow this class to abstractly play a ByteArray, but I don't see any native way of playing bytes directly other than the SAMPLE_DATA method.

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