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How can I tell if an hWnd belongs to one of my child controls?

I want to do something like:

if(this.Controls.Find(hWnd) != null) return false;
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There's a Win32 function for this: IsChild

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Sounds like a great chance to use recursion. Add this function to your parent class:

  private bool IsChild(System.Windows.Forms.Control control, System.IntPtr hWnd)
     if(control.Handle == hWnd)

     foreach (System.Windows.Forms.Control child in control.Controls)
        if (IsChild(child, hWnd))
           return (true);
     return (false);

You can then use this function to search this parent class for any child controls with the specified hWnd:

this.IsChild(this, hWnd);
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thanks! I was hoping there was a faster way than iterating over child controls (especially if the hWnd belongs to a child of a child :) ) –  John Weldon May 7 '09 at 15:57

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