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i try to read file of bytes written in hex for example: (909090) which is nop nop nop in assembly, i want to xor each two digit as a byte with the 0x91.

how do i print the value in hex? now it prints just numbers with no meaning.

in general i want to build a packer to my assembly code.

def add_prefix(a):
    a = str(a)
    a = '0x' + a
    a = int(a, 16)
    return a

fr = open('C:\code.txt', 'r')
word = ''
b = ''
for line in fr:
    b += line

count = 0

for char in b:
    char = str(char)
    word += char
    if count%2 == 0:
        word = int(str(add_prefix(word)^91), 16)
        print word
        word = ""
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The algorithm needed is quite simple:

  1. read two characters at a time
  2. convert these to an integer
  3. Xor the integer with your mask (0x91)
  4. Convert the integer back to a hex string (with leading zero)

with open(file_path, 'r') as fp:
    result = []
    while True:
        # 1.
        s = fp.read(2)
        if not s:

        # 2. 
        number = int(s, 16) # No need for '0x' prefix!

        # 3.
        number = number ^ 0x91  # '91' needs '0x' prefix!

        # 4.
        result.append(format(number, '02x'))

print ''.join(result)
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To format a number as hex characters, use the built in hex() function.

>>> hex(10)
>>> hex(100)
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To format the number without the 0x prefix and with zero-padding to two characters, use format(n, '02x') instead. –  Ferdinand Beyer Dec 2 '11 at 10:17

As a compact one-liner:

print "".join(["%02x" % (ord(c) ^ 0x91) for c in open(file_path).read().decode("hex")])

or a more readable version:

with open(file_path) as f:
    for line in f:
        for char in line.rstrip().decode("hex"):
            byte = ord(char)
            print "%02x" % (byte ^ 0x91)
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what is with stands for? –  0x90 Dec 2 '11 at 12:00

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