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i am using asp.net and vb.net in my student.aspx have a row of text box something like below

class       name        registerNo 
txtClass    txtName     txtRegisterNo      btnAdd


so what am i going to use to add in a new row with txtClass txtName txtRegisterNo after i click on the button and when click on submit each new row of textbox value enter will be insert into the database

it is something like this after i click on the btnAdd, if it continue to click on btnAdd another row with the textbox will appear

class       name        registerNo 
txtClass    txtName     txtRegisterNo      
txtClass    txtName     txtRegisterNo      btnAdd

so what should i use to do achieve this result? or what code should i add in the student.aspx.vb?

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One option would be is to use a repeater control from asp.net. Refer here. There are multiple options. You can also use jQuery along with client side controls. Something like this

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