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Reading the official documentation I found this code :

YouTubeRequestSettings settings = 
  new YouTubeRequestSettings("example app", clientID, developerKey);
YouTubeRequest request = new YouTubeRequest(settings);

but it says If you do not specify authentication information when creating the YouTubeRequestSettings object, then you will only be able to use the YouTubeRequest object to perform operations that do not require authentication.

I don't mind about Authentication, but if I try :

YouTubeRequestSettings settings = 
  new YouTubeRequestSettings("example app");

still waiting for a developerKey, so it doesnt works.

How can I create that object without auth? Are there any methods to do so?

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Have you tried...

YouTubeRequestSettings settings = 
  new YouTubeRequestSettings("example app","","");

The strings in the constructor aren't nullable/optional, so you aren't instantiating it right

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Yes, but it doesnt works. I see that a developer key is needed! I really don't like this behaviour.... – markzzz Dec 5 '11 at 8:43

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