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I'm working with Drupal-7; where i have installed so many different modules in it. one of them modules is "Search API".

The problem what i'm facing is Result of searched keyword. whenever i use to search for a particular keyword it working for the Exact match with that key word.

For example : keyword = "Drupal" ; then result only retrieved if this exact word will match with the content of database. but i would like to get result which are having any of these characters.

For example : keyword = "Dru" ; then also all the result will retrieved which is having only word "Dru" as well as "Drupal" & etc..

In short now Query is working with "=" operator but i would like to make it with "LIKE" operator.

What should i do in which page to get resolve this..?

I have tried to many things but not get success..Please help me out.

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I keep forgetting about that limit. :) Thank you the same. – kiamlaluno Jan 5 '13 at 14:41
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Drupal core does not allow partial search string search. Below are your options if you want partial string search in your results.

1) Use Apache solr server.

2) is another one

3) use google custom site search instead .

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vishal

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