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I am trying to use mysql find_in_set string function in hibernate but unfortunately I cant able to use it and even tried by creating these register functions

registerFunction("findInSet",new StandardSQLFunction("find_in_set", Hibernate.INTEGER));

using mysqldialect but no one is working..can any one please tell me how to use the mysql string functions in hibernate. or any changes to the above register functions.

Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards, Raja.

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It is simple to call a function if your function is returning a string or varchar value.

session.createSQLQuery("select my_super_fn(:param1)")

Where my_super_fn is the name of your function with parameter param1.

To test the syntax try this code which gets you the current server date.

Date d = (Date)session.createSQLQuery("select CURDATE()").uniqueResult();

For other type of functions refer a question here on how to do it.

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hi, thanks for the reply..but the idea you gave is not working in this format. Query query = this.entityManager.createQuery("select FIND_IN_SET()")..can u please give me an idea how to use with entity managers in hibernate. – user503285 Jan 2 '12 at 12:29
are you using JPA? What error is you getting? In the meanwhile you should use the createNativeQuery. – ManuPK Apr 17 '12 at 14:13
I have solved above by using createnativequery – user503285 Jan 23 '13 at 8:14
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created a class by extending mysqldialect like shown below

public class MySqlDialectExtended extends MySQLDialect {

public MySqlDialectExtended() {
    registerFunction("date_add_interval", new SQLFunctionTemplate(Hibernate.DATE, "date_add(?1, INTERVAL ?2 ?3)"));
    registerFunction("date_sub_interval", new SQLFunctionTemplate(Hibernate.DATE, "DATE_SUB(?1, INTERVAL ?2 ?3)"));
    registerFunction("weekofyear", new StandardSQLFunction("weekofyear", Hibernate.INTEGER));
    registerFunction("group_concat", new StandardSQLFunction("group_concat", Hibernate.STRING));


and used it like this in query

new Query(" >= date_sub_interval(CURRENT_DATE(),1, DAY)");
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