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I've a scenario were I need to call a set of different oracle procedures in parallel. This procedures must share the same initial context wich has uncommitted transactions. I cannot commit the parent transaction under the danger of having read inconsistency between those parallel processes. Is it possible in PL/SQL ?

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One thing comes to my mind: mapreduce with table functions http://blogs.oracle.com/datawarehousing/entry/mapreduce_oracle_tablefunction

I've used this in several scenarios to run things concurrently, though I'm not sure it is applicable to your problem.

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You may be able to accomplish this using the DBMS_XA package, which allows you to "switch or share transactions across SQL*Plus sessions or processes using PL/SQL".

Oracle-Base has a good example of how to use the package.

(But if your goal is to use parallelism to improve performance you should use normal statement-level parallel execution instead.)

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Far as I know: no.

DBMS_JOB and DBMS_SCHEDULER can be used to run Oracle procedures in parallel but they run them in their own sessions.

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