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Is it poosible to program a screensaver for a android (not lock screen)?

I am looking for a tutorial on programming a screen saver. The screen saver will activate as the user does nothing more. If the user touches the screen, the screensaver will disappear. Is this possible?

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You can receive ACTION_SCREEN_OFF in your App with a BroadcastReceiver.In the onReceive method of this BroadcastReceiver, start an activity as the screensaver.And you can register a listener for touch events and when this event occured,finish your App.

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Android Screen Saver Sample Code

Try to search first for answers before asking for something

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Thanks. I found this answer too, but it's not the same. They talking about lock screen and this is not really helpful for my question. –  goojr Dec 5 '11 at 8:53

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