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I created 2 test portlets, myportlet1 and myportlet2. Both descriptions are similiar and looks like this in portlet.xml


and like this in liferay-portlet.xml


the difference is with index.

So, as you see, both portlets are not instanceable and set to share their preferences company-wide.

Although, the following code shows that each portlet knows only it's own preferences but not other portlet's ones:

public void doView(RenderRequest renderRequest,
        RenderResponse renderResponse) throws IOException, PortletException {

    javax.portlet.PortletPreferences prefs1 = renderRequest.getPreferences();
    //com.liferay.portal.model.PortletPreferences prefs2 = PortletPreferencesLocalServiceUtil.

    String portletResource = ParamUtil.getString(renderRequest, "portletResource");
    if (Validator.isNotNull(portletResource)) {
        try {
            prefs1 = PortletPreferencesFactoryUtil.getPortletSetup(renderRequest, portletResource);
        } catch (SystemException e) {

    String testPreferenceForMyPortlet1 = prefs1.getValue("testPreferenceForMyPortlet1", "(not set)");
    String testPreferenceForMyPortlet2 = prefs1.getValue("testPreferenceForMyPortlet2", "(not set)");

    renderRequest.setAttribute("testPreferenceForMyPortlet1", testPreferenceForMyPortlet1);
    renderRequest.setAttribute("testPreferenceForMyPortlet2", testPreferenceForMyPortlet2);

    renderRequest.setAttribute("prefs1", prefs1);

    super.doView(renderRequest, renderResponse);

What did I did wrong? Thanks

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'Problem' is that preferences-company-wide does not tells that preferences will be shared with different portlets.

It's usage is for sharing preferences within single portlet but in different communities/organizations/user_pages ... (different group id's).

To get preferences of another portlet you would have to use

PortletPreferencesFactoryUtil.getPortletSetup(portletRequest, "another portlet's id");
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Thanks! Can I use IDs seen in portletpreferences table, for example "LIFERAY_PORTAL" for very global setting? – Dims Dec 2 '11 at 16:06
I did not try it, but form source it seems so, but for that purpose than it's better to use PortletPreferencesFactoryUtil.getPortalPreferences(portletRequest); Take note "getPortal" instead of "getPortlet". – Martin Gamulin Dec 2 '11 at 16:44
Thanks! Why didn't they did one common organized shared data storage??? – Dims Dec 2 '11 at 17:23

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