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This question is an expanded version of Facebook Real-time updated does not call our servers, that seems to be dead. Also, Realtime updates internal server error on Heroku using Koala is not helpful because I'm subscribing from the heroku console as pjaspers suggested.

I have an app (ruby 1.9.2p290 and Rails 3.1.3) that connects to facebook to get data from the current user. Everything is working ok with the koala gem (v1.2.1), but I'm polling the fb servers every time the users logs in. I would like to use facebook real-time updates, and I have read the following:

I have set up the system in test mode and deployed to heroku successfully. I can subscribe to the user object and I get the GET request to my server, but no POST with updated information is ever received from facebook. If I issue a POST to my server manually everything works.

More information: routes.rb

  get '/realtime' => 'realtime#verify'
  post '/realtime' => 'realtime#change'


      realtime GET  /realtime(.:format) {:controller=>"realtime", :action=>"verify"}
               POST /realtime(.:format) {:controller=>"realtime", :action=>"change"}

The controller (mock version, only to test if it's working):

class RealtimeController < ApplicationController
  def verify
    render :text => params["hub.challenge"]

  def change
    puts params.inspect
    render :nothing => true

The subscription from the heroku console:

irb(main):004:0> @updates = => ENV['FACEBOOK_APP_ID'], :secret => ENV['FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET'])
=> #<Koala::Facebook::RealtimeUpdates:0x00000004f5bca8 @app_id="XXXXXXX", @app_access_token="XXXXXXX", @secret="XXXXXXX", @graph_api=#<Koala::Facebook::API:0x00000004a8d7a8 @access_token="XXXXXXX">>

irb(main):005:0> @updates.list_subscriptions
=> [{"object"=>"user", "callback_url"=>"", "fields"=>["education", "email", "friends", "name", "website", "work"], "active"=>true}]

I don't know what to do next...

  • Maybe I am not triggering the correct changing events?
  • How do I see the list of users of my app? (right now it's a test app and the only user would be me)
  • Anyone with this kind of issue?
  • Is something wrong in the code?
  • Is facebook down? Is it the end of Internet?

Thank you for the help :)

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You need to respond to the GET request with a challenge response. I have the same route for both POST and GET requests and use the following code:


match "facebook/subscription", :controller => :facebook, :action => :subscription, :as => 'facebook_subscription', :via => [:get,:post]


  def realtime_request?(request)
    ((request.method == "GET" && params['hub.mode'].present?) || 
       (request.method == "POST" && request.headers['X-Hub-Signature'].present?))

  def subscription
      case request.method
      when "GET"
        challenge = Koala::Facebook::RealtimeUpdates.meet_challenge(params,'SOME_TOKEN_HERE')
          render :text => challenge
          render :text => 'Failed to authorize facebook challenge request'
      when "POST"
        case params['object']
        # Do logic here...
        render :text => 'Thanks for the update.'

That should get you going with things... Note that to make a subscription I am using this:

@access_token ||=,FACEBOOK_API_SECRET).get_app_access_token
@realtime = => FACEBOOK_API_KEY, :app_access_token => @access_token)
@realtime.subscribe('user', 'first_name,uid,etc...', facebook_subscription_url,'SOME_TOKEN_HERE')

I think the key is that you properly respond to the GET request from Facebook. They use this to verify that they are contacting the correct server prior to sending confidential info about their users.

Also -- its been a while since I've looked at this, but if I remember correctly, I seem to recall having issues with anything besides default protocol port specifications within the callback URL. Ex: did not work -- it had to be

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Not sure if this might be the case with you, but make sure that you have permissions to access the object -user, permissions, page- properties (location, email, etc.)

In my case, I was trying to get notifications for changes on the location property without my app requiring the user_location permission. For the user object, look at the Fields section in this page

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Does Facebook know where your application is? Does it have a URL that it can resolve?

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Yes, the first GET request (where the hub.challenge is tested) is being done all right (showing in the logs and thus creating the proper subscription). Also, if I issue a manual POST request (using curl) to the URL of the subscription's callback I can see it in the logs. – fuzzyalej Dec 5 '11 at 12:22
if you're not seeing anything coming from Facebook, then either it's not posting to the correct URL, posting to a URL that it cannot resolve, or not working as you are expecting Facebook to. – Neil Middleton Dec 5 '11 at 12:26
Thanks, I will try to contact facebook to see if they can help... – fuzzyalej Dec 5 '11 at 14:54

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