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I'm writing a Windows Service in C#. I have a samba share on a linux server that I can browse/read/write from the windows machine, and I have it mapped to a drive letter. The Windows service is running as the SYSTEM user and cannot write to the share.

What should I change?

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You need to either make the share visible to the System User. or install the service as a User other than the Local System Account that actually has permission to browse the share.

You can change the installation account in the Project Installer by setting the following 2 properties. (it's in the ProjectInstaller.Designer File

this.serviceProcessInstaller1.Username = "DOMAIN\\UserName";
this.serviceProcessInstaller1.Password = "Password";
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Do you know how to make the share visible to the System User? – Liam May 7 '09 at 16:28
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I used an entry like this in my samba configuration file (smb.conf) to make it writable by any user.

   comment = My Share
   path = /home/myusername/myshare
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   #maps all users to the nobody user?
   only guest = yes
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