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I use delux shared hosting from GoDaddy - occasionally I get half of my website unavailable (I have five subdomains - three of which are currently unavailable - they were up an hour ago, no website updates were pushed from my side anyway). What could cause temporarily unavailability of subdomains - I don't use Url rewrite and my site pages are just html pages. Is is something I can fix up myself anyhow?

UPDATE 1- Apparantly the problem is Internet Provider specific. Using two providers A & B I haver the following:

Provider A: - doesn't work - works

Provider B: - works - works

Any thoughts?

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Since you've managed to narrow it down to being provider specific, it makes it a bit easier to find the problem.

The most likely cause is a DNS issue. This is usually restricted to a single ISP - in this case Provider A. You will need to notify them of the issue so they can investigate.

I would recommend doing some more testing, get some people on various ISPs to test it for you to see if it's just the one ISP or if others are experiencing it as well.

Since it doesn't go down on provider B it doesn't have anything to do with the server itself, it's either the ISP having issues or the routing at GoDaddy (datacenters have multiple internet connections and they often route different ISPs through different routes).

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I've seen one page going up and down within 15 minutes interval, you reckon it's still an ISP related issue? – user572559 Dec 2 '11 at 14:13
If it's only happening when you browse it from that single ISP, then yes. If it's happening from multiple ISPs then it's more likely a routing issue at GoDaddy. Try to test from more than 2 ISPs if possible. Just an added thought - make sure you're testing from different locations as well to rule out your modem/router/pc as an issue ;) – hyarion Dec 2 '11 at 14:25
it's only happening when I browse it from a specific ISP - the other one has been working all the time. – user572559 Dec 2 '11 at 16:09
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Was on call with GD - the resolution found - stay away from Classic Pipeline with IIS7 as it prevents from the correct work of default pages in subdomains. After switching to Integrated Pipeline the issue disappeared.

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