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I want to go 1 year back with joda time, but I don't want to go from 15 February 2010 to 15 February 2009 but rather, if 15 Februari 2010 is a Monday for example, then I want to get to the closest Monday of 2009.

At the moment I am using this:

int dayNumber = Integer.parseInt(iDate.dayOfWeek().getAsString());

if(dayNumber == 1) { // start of week

Which works fine for now but there is probably safer way that allows you to go back easily 5 years for example.

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So... you don't want to go 1 year back then. –  Matt Ball Dec 2 '11 at 13:07
The adjustment is different for leap years. –  Klas Lindbäck Dec 2 '11 at 13:09
What is your definition of "closest (day of the week)?" Given 2010-02-15 as input, you expect 2009-02-16 as output. What do you expect the output to be for input 2012-02-15? –  Matt Ball Dec 2 '11 at 13:17

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I would use Joda Time methods to go back 1 year and then have a little switch statement that moves it to the appropriate day. Can't tell if you want to go to monday or not from your question. Doing your own calculations is going to miss important things like leap years as @Klas pointed out.

iDate = iDate.minusYears(1);
switch (iDate.getDayOfWeek()) {
    case 1:
        // monday so no change
    case 2:
        iDate = iDate.minusDays(1);
    case 3:
        iDate = iDate.minusDays(2);

If you want to get fancy you can build a little grid to speed it up.

// days in joda time are 1 based so 0 won't be used here
private static final int[] daysShift = new int[] = {0, 0, -1, -2, -3, 3, 2, 1};
iDate = iDate.minusYears(1);
// based on the current day, shift us by a certain number of days, + or -
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To start, #getAsString()

returns the value converted to a String using Integer.toString

so it's rather silly to convert to a string, and then immediately convert back:

int dayNumber = iDate.dayOfWeek().get();
// or
int dayNumber = iDate.getDayOfWeek();
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