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I am making a simple regular expression to recognise first consonant(if any),then all the vowels in between and then the next consonant after the last vowel(if any).

For ex:

we are all morons -->> we ae al moon

I wrote this expression but it doesn't work in all situations.

Please advise.


Not sure where I am getting wrong.

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Recognize? You want to capture them? In that case use capturing groups (). Also instead of writing [^aeiou] you should list all consonants because the negated vowels match other things than letters as well. (And what that leading ? is doing there I don't know.) –  Qtax Dec 2 '11 at 13:32

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You need to use non capturing groups so the matching wont halt. Now you are matching only words that matches your desired output. see : Non capturing group? for more information.

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