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I have already looked into ANSI escape codes, but it looks like only underlining is supported.

Do I miss something or is there another option?

If it is not possible, is there something equivalent in the meaning of "this is deprecated"?

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According to the ECMA-48 standard for terminals, SGR (Select Graphic Rendition) code number 9 is supposed to enable crossed-out text. However, the ANSI escape code wikipedia page says that it's not widely supported, and I'm not aware of any that do. I'd suspect that's because DEC's VTxxx series didn't support it.

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My libvterm/pangoterm can do it just fine. See the second screenshot in link –  LeoNerd Mar 13 '12 at 11:13
Actually a good set of the major shell terminal seems to support it (this includes guake, terminator, gnome-terminal, ...). misc.flogisoft.com/bash/… . Quick test: echo -e "\e[9mtest\e[0m". –  vaab Jun 12 at 12:49
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No, as far as i know it is not possible.

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