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Are these supported? I can't find a definite answer.

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I changed tag to EFv4.1 because EFv4.2 is just bug fixing of 4.1 and it doesn't need separate tag. – Ladislav Mrnka Dec 8 '11 at 9:42
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Not Yet. A user still asks for that:

Definitive source: EF 4.2 Released

What’s Not in This Release?

As covered earlier this release is just a small update to the DbContext & Code First runtime. The features that were included in EF June 2011 CTP require changes to the Core Entity Framework Libraries that are part of the .NET Framework and will ship at a later date.

Form the June CTP we have that:

You can now add table-valued functions to your entity data model. A table-valued function is similar to a stored procedure, but the result of executing the table-valued function is composable, meaning you can use it as part of a LINQ query.

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