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An old W3C doc lists 'user' as a valid scheme for the Authorization header and is defined like ...

Authorization:  user  fred:mypassword

There doesn't seem to be a reference to this in the later RFC2617. Has this been deprecated?



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In short, yes.

RFC 2616 makes a number of references to HTTP access authentication by referring to RFC 2617 (e.g. §11 Access Authentication). Only 2 schemes are discussed in both RFCs (Basic and Digest).

A few more schemes are discussed in this post, but the scheme from the W3C site doesn't seem to have been implemented anywhere.

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Note that HTTPbis is going to establish a registry for authentication schemes, and the initial contents will be something like:… – Julian Reschke Dec 2 '11 at 15:41

Specifically, yes it's a valid scheme, but, no, it's likely not supported by anything out of the box. You would have to implemented your own code to handle the authorization.

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