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I parse this date "22/11/11" into a DateTime object called s. When I do s.getDayOfMonth() it gives me 22 which is right. However, when I convert the DateTime object to a Date object and try to get the date using s.toDate().getDate() it returns 24 which is not right. Does anyone have an idea why is this happening ?

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Pls copy the relevant code. Further, what do you see if you print s.toDate() ? –  leonbloy Dec 6 '11 at 14:50

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The Joda-Time DateTime.toDate() method converts to a java.util.Date with the same millisecond instant. The java.util.Date.getDate() method uses the local default time-zone to return its value, whereas DateTime.getDayOfMonth() uses the time-zone stored in the DateTime object. If the two time-zones are different, you may see a difference, explaining the 22/24 you observe.

To understand further, print the time-zone of the DateTime, and the default Java zone TimeZone.getDefault() used by java.util.Date.

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