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I've just started working with the social plug-ins and I've hit a problem. My client uses the Facebook wall of her business page as a news feed and so I have used the "Like Box" plug-in to publish this feed to her website.

If a user is LOGGED OUT of Facebook then the activity feed displays as expected, and all is good.

If a user is LOGGED IN to Facebook, but has no connection to her or the company (i.e. not friends with her, the business, or related parties) then all is good

The problems start when a user is LOGGED IN to Facebook and has some connection. At this point the activity stream is replaced by another stream which shows your friend's activity in relation to the business's page (in my case, a single entry).

For me this behavior is undesirable and breaks the functionality of the news stream. Is there any way to disable it and have the plug-in display the wall no matter what? If not, is there another way of achieving this functionality through the API?


Olly Lennox

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Someone else has already solved this problem. You can get the answer here: Like Box - Showing "check in's" rather than recent posts?

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