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We have some big numbers the must be formatted using grouping separators. Since we are a french company we want it to be a space. On our dev machines which have a french locale, everything is ok. When we deploy on a server which locale is english, we end up with comma separated numbers (1,250,345 instead of 1 250 345).

Is there a way to force the locale used by the JVM in play ? I tried application.langs=fr but this doesn't work.


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When you use the method JavaExtensions.format(Number, String) you can set a default language in your application.conf

# i18n
# ~~~~~
# Define locales used by your application.
# You can then place localized messages in conf/messages.{locale} files

This currently only works for language but not for language + country. See also issue. However, setting the language should be enough for your case.

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