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I'd like to add a very basic chat-room to my application (.NET 3.5 winforms desktop app) so users can ask questions and talk together without using a browser or email or chat client. I want to make it free-for-all, i.e. no sign-ins or registration required, the fact that you're running my software is good enough. Unfortunately I'm out of my comfort zone here and I don't really know where to start. Can I use Google Talk for this or does that require a GMail account for every user? Do I need to supply my own server or something? Is there a solution that requires minimum coding on my part? Would that solution allow me to transfer binary data as well as text?

Anything to get me started really, much appreciated.

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This is fairly easy to do using WCF. Check out this MSDN article about writing a peer-to-peer chat client using WCF.

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