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I would like to find out the date of the Monday in this year's ISO week 1 (For 2009 this would be Monday, Dec 29 2008).

I'm sure that joda-time can handle this, but I just can't figure out the API (maybe it's just too late).

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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I believe this should work:

DateMidnight date = new DateMidnight().withWeekOfWeekyear(1).withDayOfWeek(1);
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Thanks, Blake! Exactly what I was looking for. For the archive, "withWeekOfWeekYear()" must be spelled "withWeekOfWeekyear()" (lowercase y). –  otto.poellath May 7 '09 at 18:13
NOTE: This answer uses classes and methods no longer recommended by the Joda-Time team. See the correct answer by shaILU. To quote the Release Notes: DateMidnight … This class is flawed in concept … Replace … with LocalDate … [or] DateTime … [using] … withTimeAtStartOfDay() method. ( LocalDate or DateTime.withTimeAtStartOfDay() ) –  Basil Bourque Mar 11 '14 at 19:50

Above API is now depreciated, use below:

DateTime date = new DateTime().dayOfYear().withMinimumValue().withTimeAtStartOfDay();
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