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I have a panel who slide automatically after 13 seconds. I made this with jquery.delay(). The problem appears if I want to manually slide the panel with a click event. It appears that the click event is waiting the end of the delay to effect..

What can I use in place of delay()?

My code :

The delay part:

$('#menu').delay(13000).hide("slide", { direction: "right" }, 400, function () {
            if ($('#menu').is(':hidden')) {
                $.cookie('rightfold', 'collapsed', { path: '/' });

The Click event part:

  $('#triggerdroite').click(function () { foo
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This is a place you're probably better off using setTimeout and clearTimeout. From the delay docs:

The .delay() method is best for delaying between queued jQuery effects. Because it is limited — it doesn't, for example, offer a way to cancel the delay.delay() is not a replacement for JavaScript's native setTimeout function, which may be more appropriate for certain use cases.

(My emphasis.)

So in this case:

(function() {
    var slideTimer = 0;
    slideTimer = setTimeout(function() {
        $('#menu').hide("slide", { direction: "right" }, 400, function () {
                if ($('#menu').is(':hidden')) {
                    $.cookie('rightfold', 'collapsed', { path: '/' });
    }, 13000);
    $('#triggerdroite').click(function() {
        if (slideTimer) {
            slideTimer = 0;

        // ...

(The outer anonymous function is just a placeholder, I assume your code is already inside some function to prevent creating globals.)

Note I'm using 0 as a "no timer running" value. 0 is not a valid return value from setTimeout, so it's a useful flag.

Of course, rather than storing this in a variable as I have above, you could always store it on the #menu element itself using data.

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thnks it's working fine but you invert parameters of SetTimout() it is the function first and after the delay. – bAN Dec 2 '11 at 16:59
@bAN: OMG, fixed. (Earlier I called clearTimeout cancelTimeout as well, it's been a very long day.) Glad that helped! – T.J. Crowder Dec 2 '11 at 17:07

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