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Hello guys i have dataform in silverlight 4 project item source is:

ItemsSource="{Binding Data, ElementName=domainDataSource1, Mode=TwoWay}"

and domain data source is :

<riaControls:DomainDataSource Name="domainDataSource1" QueryName="GetCarsQuery"  AutoLoad="True">

My cars table have relationship with trailers table. I have combobox on my data form where i want to show all trailers marks how i can bind combobox another query? And when user will save data how i can get trailers id with mark?


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First let me preface this by saying ComboBoxes nested in DataForms are currently VERY buggy as of SL5. But here you go, this is using Entity Framework:

The associated class:

public class TrailerListProvider : UserControl
    myDomainContext _dc;
    public myDomainContext DomainContext
            _dc = value;

    public TrailerListProvider()
        DomainContext = new myDomainContext ();
    public List<trailer> VendorList
            return (from t in _dc.trailers
                    orderby t.trailerMark
                    select t).ToList();

In your XAML:

    <myClasses:TrailerListProvider x:Key="trailerListProvider"></myClasses:TrailerListProvider>

And finally in your combobox (or whatever control with ItemsSource):

ItemsSource = {Binding Path=VendorList, ElementName={StaticResource trailerListProvider}}
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