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I am having major issues with my DirectX10 frame work code.

The code stops in the D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain() function on the ID3D10Device argument and outputs:

pD3DDevice CXX0017: Error: symbol "" not found

I am getting this on almost everything, my error handler, pSwapChain, pDepthStencilView etc. etc.

My code is structuered as: dxGeometry -> dxD3D -> dxSystem -> winMain

Here is my code: dxD3D.h, dxSystem.h.

Thanks for the help, this has been a problem for the last two days, I've tried almost everything, but I am unable to see a solution.

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Let's rephrase that, pD3DDevice is not defined, so it can't be watched from the debug editor. m_pD3DDevice is defined according to the code.

As for the actual reason it's failing, the code seems fine, you'll need to check the HRESULT and use the direct3d 10 error codes to determine what's wrong.

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