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I have a grid control that have a DataSource property as Object, Now I want to cast my DataSource to IQueryable<T> to take and skip Like this code

var pagedData = ((IQueryable<T>) DataSource).Skip(20).Take(10);

But I don't know how can I cast Object to IQueryable<T>? also most of the time type of data is IQueryable<AnonymousType>.

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There will almost certainly be better ways to deal with this, but to answer your question as asked, you can use dynamic:

private static IQueryable<T> GetInteriorElements<T>
                (IQueryable<T> source, int skip, int take)
    return source.Skip(skip).Take(take);

And call it as:

object DataSource = ...

// The real question is: what are you now going to do with this?
var pagedData = GetInteriorElements((dynamic)DataSource, 10, 20);

If you are on .NET 3.5, you'll have to use reflection, unfortunately.

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It's time to properly define a class. Anonymous types are great when they are wholly self-contained within the method that created them. When you demonstate the need to use them elsewhere in code, document the type via a class definition and then you can use the class anywhere you need it, including in a cast. Once you have created a class definition, simply reference the class by name wherever you need it.


select new ClassName // name the class

Method return type

public IQueryable<ClassName> GetData()

And cast

var data = (IQueryable<ClassName>)theDataSource;
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Why not just use a PagedDataSource as the source for your Grid and let that do the work for you?

Paging using PagedDataSource class - CodeProject

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