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Access objects on a dynamically created UserControl an a dynamically created tab page

I can usually find the answers to most of my questions via the Google Gods, but not this time. I hope the collective that is StackOverFlow can help!

I have a form that has a TabPageControl and on that page a collection of labels and text boxes via a usercontrol.

On the form I have a button that allows the user to create a new tabpage, when the code adds a new page, it automatically adds the UserControl collection.... all good so far.

I can’t get my head around how to access the objects on the newly created tabpage.

What I need to be able todo is take the index of the tabpage that has focus and translate that against the UerContol name, but I havn’t a clue how to do it!

This bit of code creates teh new tabpage etc

    Dim NewProdTab As New UserControlNewProdTab
    NewProdTab.Top = 0
    NewProdTab.Left = 4

    Dim TabPageNum = "TabPage" & Me.TabControl1.TabPages.Count.ToString
    Dim NewTabPage As New TabPage()
    NewTabPage.Text = Now()

This is how I am accesing the first tab page objects

Me.UserControlNewProdTab1.TbDesc.Text = Dr2(1)

What I would like todo is something like

Me.UserControlNewProdTab &  **<Me.TabControl1.SelectedTab>**.TbDesc.text = Dr2(1)

But obvisly that doesn’t work!

Any ideas on how it should be done?

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Just incase anyone in interested, this was answered on another forum.


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