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enter image description here

That's the image of my Urdu text editor.

As you can see, when i try to display the Urdu characters, the English characters also show up.

I am implementing my own keyboard listener for this text component and when ever there is a key press, I get that key as a character, translate it to its corresponding Urdu, insert it in textPane using document.insertString() method, but the English characters are displayed automatically as well.

What can i do so that this English character does not display in the component and it display only the Urdu characters which I translate from English?

@Harrison F :Here is the code you are asking for

char b = e.getKeyChar();// e is the object of class KeyEvent
char c = Translate.translateToUrdu(b);// its my own class for translation
s = s+c;// converting the character to string.
doc.insertString(carretPos,s,null);       // inserting into the document
s = ""; //setting the string object to "" so that next time i can use it again.

EDIT : My problem is solved by implementing a class that extends DocumentFilter and then overriding its insertString and replaceString methods. Now there exists another problem, that is, my enter key is not working now and some other control keys like ctrl. How can i make such keys to work in my document filter?

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Can you please show the code for your document.insertString()? I suspect that you are not stripping out the original character and thus it gets appended along with the urdu character. Seeing the code would help tremendously. – Harrison F Dec 2 '11 at 17:22

s = s+c locks suspect.

Already tried char c = Translate.translateToUrdu(e.getKeyChar()); doc.insertString(carretPos,new String(c),null); ?

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i have tried s = Character.toString(c). But same result. The problem basically is the english character is by default displayed in the textComponent before the insertString method is called. I mean if i type 'm' then m is displayed by default, then the converted is shown. So how can i disable the component so that it cannot show the orignal keyboard character. – Muhammad Salman Farooq Dec 3 '11 at 14:01

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