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I have a string that I need split into smaller strings with an equal length of 6. I tried using:


But it returns an array with empty strings like so:

["", "abcdef", "", "ghijkl", "", "mnopqr", "", "stuvwx", ""]
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Use match in conjunction with a global flag, instead of split. {1,6} is needed, to also include the last part of the matched string. Patterns are greedy by default, which means that as much is matched as possible. So, .{1,6} will only match less than 6 characters at the end of a string.



["abcdef", "ghijkl", "mnopqr", "stuvwx", "yz"];

Note that the returned object is a true array. To verify:

console.log('.'.match(/./g) instanceof Array);  //true

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Works like a charm! Thanks! –  MathWizz Dec 2 '11 at 17:07
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