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I seem to struggling with what I thought was standard functionality of bundler, according the manual The ability to specifiy that gems should be required on for certain platforms using the :platforms option or platforms block

I want to specifcy a different version of a gem dependent on the version of ruby used

source "http://rubygems.org"
gem "trollop", "~> 1.16.2"
gem "chronic", "~> 0.6.4"
gem "highline", "~> 1.6.2"
gem "colorize", "~> 0.5.8"
gem "queryparams", "~> 0.0.3"

platforms :ruby_18 do
  gem "json"
  gem "activesupport", "~>2.8.9"

platforms :ruby_19 do
  gem "activesupport", "~>3.1.3"

However this fails when running bundle install

You cannot specify the same gem twice with different version requirements.
You specified: activesupport (~> 2.8.9) and activesupport (~> 3.1.3)
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you can have platform-specific requirements in a Gemfile, please check my answer –  klaffenboeck Apr 12 '12 at 15:38

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I'm pretty sure this is not doable. A gemfile cannot have the same gem specified with different versions. Not only within different platforms but even not in different groups (group_ruby_18, group_ruby_19) and then by trying bundle install --without group_ruby_18

So this will fail too.

I had this problem before and the only solution I found was to have 2 different GEMFILES.

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Thanks, seems odd, i'd have thought this would be a pretty common requirement. –  Rob Dec 5 '11 at 11:25

You don't need 2 different Gemfiles in order to achieve platform-specific gem-requirements. Just check for the RUBY_VERSION and put your gems in some sort of conditional clause:

  gem 'warbler'
    gem 'ruby-debug'
    gem 'ruby-debug19'
    gem 'debugger'

That should do the trick.

With best regards,

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