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I have lets say page 1 in a silverlight 4 app with a Treeview in one panel and a Frame in another panel to navigate to other pages. When the Treeview node is selected it fires an event in a UserControl cs file that is the code behind for the Treeview. How do I call on the Frame in Page 1 to navigate to someother URI?

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The easiest way is assigning a Name to the Frame and accessing it via automatically generated field.

If I got you right, this should work:

XAML of the user control:

      <TreeView SelectionChanged="treeView_SelectionChanged"/>

      <!-- Additional Frame setup omitted for brevity -->
      <Frame x:Name="frame"/>

Code-behind of the user control:

void treeView_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
  var targetUri = this.GetTargetUriFromSelectedItem(e); // TODO: implement your target uri retrieval logic
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I had done following to get to home page URL where treeview and frame are located :MainPage rootPage = App.Current.RootVisual as MainPage; Then string url = HtmlPage.Document.DocumentUri.ToString(); The problem is I want to have a frame on home page navigate somewhere. I dont want to navigate to home page I want Home page myframe navigate to a page within frame. Dont know how to find frame control?? – rbucha Dec 2 '11 at 20:44
@rbucha Follow my sample: set x:Name="frame" on your Frame and then rootPage.frame will be the frame. However, this is a very bad design: parts of MainPage should not directly interact with other parts . The better ways include raising events on user controls and handling them on MainPage or using the MVVM pattern. – Pavel Gatilov Dec 2 '11 at 20:56

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