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I am working on converting a template toolkit project in Perl to PHP with Smarty. However I have been trying to find the equivalent of [% IF loop.index % 2 %] within a foreach loop for Smarty. I appreciate the answers.

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If you're simply looking to alternate a display by even/odd in Smarty, which I assume from the '%' modulus operator (though I'm not familiar with Perl):

{* Smarty template code *}
{foreach from=$myArray item=foo}
  <tr class="{cycle values="row_even, row_odd"}"><td>{$foo}</td></tr>

Alternatively, if you really care about the index value of an array variable ...

{* Smarty template code *}
{foreach from=$myArray key=k item=v}
  {if $k % 2}<li>odd</li>{else}even{/if}
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Thanks! That makes perfect sense, I just couldn't find it in the docs, since there is a crap load in there. – OpensaurusRex Dec 2 '11 at 18:34
Glad I could help -- I know a lot of people who think Smarty should die but I think it's amazeballs. – rdlowrey Dec 2 '11 at 19:03

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