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I am trying to implement a like button on a blog. The blog gets a decent amount of traffic and most posts get 10-30 likes, 5-10 shares and any number of comments on Facebook. I am implementing a like button for each post using the iFrame code copied straight from Facebook's Like Button page ( When I do test URLS, like "" a count will show up; however, when I use a URL from the site that I know has a combination of shares/likes/comments, no count shows. Additionally, when I run the link through the, it shows that there are shares (e.g., Now, if I pressed the like button I do get a count of "1" to show up. My questions are thus:

1) Should I expect the count to show up for posts that have shares/likes/comments, but I'm just now implementing the button for it?

2) Is there anything special that needs to be done with the URL sent? URL encoding? Adding/not adding "http://"?

3) Is there a latency to the count? For instance are the counts cached and updated at different times?

Thanks for your help!

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1) I don't think they will ever show up if they haven't so far.. (see answer 3)

2) No. An URL with or without http:// will be treated as the same URL. But I recommend using http://

3) If by latency you mean delay, then no. Likes/shares/comments count are updated almost instantly.

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Thanks for the answers martn! – tollmanz Jan 3 '12 at 21:08

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