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I'm testing my iAd on my iPad, and I can't seem to get my ADInterstitialAd to load very often.

It does run occasionally but most of the time the first method below is called

- (void)interstitialAd:(ADInterstitialAd *)interstitialAd didFailWithError:(NSError*)error{
    NSLog(@"Ad Failed");
    //[self cycleInterstitial];

However when I try to reload it upon failing.(see below method) It just fails over and over. I dont see why apple would let it just fail in a testing environment. I have read that the fill rate can be low, but it seems really low just for a test iPad app.

- (void)cycleInterstitial{
    // Clean up the old interstitial...
    interstitial.delegate = nil;
    [interstitial release];
    // and create a new interstitial. We set the delegate so that we can be notified of when 
    interstitial = [[ADInterstitialAd alloc] init];
    interstitial.delegate = self;

Can anyone please advise? Thanks!

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No, sorry. Apple is solely responsible for the fill rate of iAds, including interstitial iAds for iPad. As developers and users, we do not have any direct control over this.

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