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I'm new to development. In sql I have written a stored procedure and it is working correctly but I just wanted to make sure it is done the correct way.

In IF statement in sp to check whether date column in a table is NULL or not:

  if ((select sdate 
       from tbla 
         where id='3') = Null)
  some query

Will this work for all cases or do I need to check for ''(empty) also?

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Depends on your database - some databases treat "empty" and NULL as equivalent - others don't. So to get a decent answer for your situation, we need to know database system and its version that you're using. "SQL" is just that - the structured query language - that's not a database system ..... –  marc_s Dec 2 '11 at 19:22
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Empty and NULL are not the same thing, so you will need to check for an empty string separately. You also should use is null rather than = null to check if a column is null.

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Some databases (like Oracle) treat empty and NULL as equivalent, though.... –  marc_s Dec 2 '11 at 19:22

In SQL null is not equal to anything, including other nulls. You need to use is null instead of the = operation.

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If you want to display some other expression whenever something is null, Coalesce may be what you want.

Select CASE When (null = null) Then 1 Else 0 END

Result: 0

Select CASE When (null is null) Then 1 Else 0 END

Result: 1

Select null + 'soemthing'

Result: null

Select Coalesce(null, 'DefaultValueIfNull')

Result: DefaultValueIfNull

Append a space and last name only if lastname is not null:

select FirstName + coalesce(' ' + LastName, '') From People

Append a space and last name only if lastname is not null, with handling for empty LastName:

select FirstName + coalesce(' ' + CASE LastName When '' Then null Else LastName END, '') From People

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