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I'm working on and embedded system with a serial (RS232) console. (With a Linux desktop) I would like to connect to the serial port in emacs and be able to navigate the output with my normal emacs navigation (search / copy / yank / etc )

I am currently doing this with ansi-term + GNU Screen.

However, I cannot get the GNU Screen navigation to my liking.

Any suggestions??

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I'm not sure how GNU screen fits into the equation but have a look at serial-term.

Use C-cC-k to go to char mode and C-cC-j to go to line mode (where your normal bindings apply).

Killing the buffer closes the port (C-ck in char mode, C-xk in line mode).

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Thank you, it was tricky as in «char mode» no way to look at list of bindings — I wondered how do I quit the mode. –  Hi-Angel Nov 14 '14 at 9:17

This page covers using screen with ansi-term under emacs: GnuScreen

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