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I am having a lot of trouble with this piece of code (I am not good at pointers :P). So here is the code.

printf("\n Enter the file name along with its extensions that you want to delete:-");
                     result_5 = deletefile_1(&deletefile_1_arg, clnt);
                     if (result_5 == (int *) NULL) {
                        clnt_perror (clnt, "call failed");
                        printf("\n File is deleted sucessfully");
                        goto Menu2;

Function that is getting called is as following.

int *
deletefile_1_svc(char **argp, struct svc_req *rqstp)
static int  result;
    printf("\nFile Has Been Deleted");
return &result;

I am getting test2 on console but. It does not print value of argp / removes that perticular file. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help me.

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Here are something that could be useful – Cyclone Dec 2 '11 at 19:45
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The argp is a pointer to a pointer char, and you are trying to use it as a pointer to char, try change your code to:

printf("%s", *argp);

You would also need to change your remove call to:

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I always found drawing pictures helped understand pointers. Use boxes for memory addresses and a label for the box is the variable name. If the variable is a pointer, then the contents of the box is the address of another box (draw line to the other box).

You are using pointers when you don't need to. Your "deletefile1_svc" function doesn't manipulate the value of "argp" at all so it doesn't need a pointer-to-pointer. Plus your "result" doesn't need to be returned as a pointer since it is simply a numeric value. You also don't initialize result (it might be zero) or re-initialize it (it is static so it will remember the last value assigned to it).

deletefile_1_svc(const char *argp, struct svc_req *rqstp)
    int  result = 0;   /* Initial value => failure */
    if (remove (argp) == 0)
        result = 1; /* 1 => success */
    return result;

To call the function use:

result_5 = deletefile1_svc(filename, clnt);
if (result_5 == 0)
    // Failed
    // Success

That will make the code simpler and less prone to bugs.

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I am using rpcgen. All variables and methods are auto generated. Can not change them. – sumit Dec 2 '11 at 20:15

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