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consider the code below, Am trying to make a Sparse_matrix that contains an array of pointer. In "struct Sparse_matrix", Is this a proper way to create a pointer array when size is unknown? What's the C programmer way to solve this? I'm new to C.

Thanks for help

#include "sparse_matrix.h"
struct Node{
    short data;
    unsigned short row;
    Node* next;

    unsigned short cols;
    Node* list[0];

SparseMatrix *create(unsigned short rows, unsigned short cols){
    SparseMatrix* matrix=malloc(cols*sizeof(Node*)+sizeof(unsigned short));

    for(int i=0;i<cols;i++){
    return matrix;
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Better write

  SparseMatrix* matrix=malloc(cols*sizeof(Node*)+sizeof(SparseMatrix));

because of alignments and gaps

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