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Recentally I was working on setting up svn:eol-style for my project. We got success in that. files were being checked out on linux machine, windows machines and Mac flawlessly and were being checked in perfectly. Suddenly a question popped up in my head in which format does SVN server stores the files. What if we want to change the operating system where we are hosting SVN server; Lets says from windows to Linux (yeah its more less likely but can happen) What will the scenario ?

  • Does SVN server saves the files native format of operating system it runs on.
  • Or it just keep some nutural format.
  • if it has some specific native format, what is that ? Is that configurable ?

I never been svn admin nor I will manage svn repo, still interested to know how server works at its end.

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It all depends how you set svn:eol-style...

  • svn:eol-style="LF": Stored in repository as Unix line endings
  • svn:eol-style="CRLF": Stored in repository as Windows line endings
  • svn:eol-style="native": Stored in repository as Unix line endings, but when checked out on a Windows system, the line endings will be converted to Windows line endings and converted back on check in.
  • svn:eol-style not set: No conversion is done. Stored just as user entered it.

Let your developers know about setting autoprops in their Subversion configuration file. I also have a pre-commit hook that can enforce the use of svn:eol-style by preventing files from being committed unless that property is set to the correct value.

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