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When I run this simple query:

SELECT eid FROM event_member WHERE uid = MY_FRIEND_UID

in the test query console, I always get back an empty result set.However, if I replace MY_FRIEND_ID with me(), I get back my list of events.

My app is set to allow user_events and friends_events, so here is my question:

Is it possible to query the event_member by uid, given the uid is one of my friends? if yes, why this query is not working?

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nobody? really? – goane Dec 6 '11 at 20:11

I had similar problem. I turned out that the access token that I was using did not had the new permissions (exactly the same user_events and friends_events) because it was obtained before adding those permission to the app.

You can try to use use Facebook Graph API Explorer to Debug the permission of your currently used token and to easily generate a new token and run the HQL with it. In my case it turned out immediately that the problem was in the token permission and with new token everything worked like a charm.

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