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I have a trouble understanding how to connect all the parts with Taskexecutor. I have a task I created, BidProposalTask. (a class which implements Runnable) the task constuctor has one argument, and needs Autowiring for DB access, etc.

I came up with this code for the executor class:

public class ExecuteBidProposalTask {

    private TaskExecutor taskExecutor;
    private BidProposalTask bidProposalTask;

    public ExecuteBidProposalTask(TaskExecutor taskExecutor,
        BidProposalTask bidProposalTask) {
    this.taskExecutor = taskExecutor;
    this.bidProposalTask = bidProposalTask;

    public void start() {


and the following XML context configuration:

<bean id="taskExecutor"
    <property name="corePoolSize" value="5" />
    <property name="maxPoolSize" value="10" />
    <property name="queueCapacity" value="25" />

as I saw in Spring's documentation, I created a TaskExecutor bean, however, the problem is that the BidProposalTask also needs to be injected. it isn't a singleton, I need to create it over and over in the project with different argument for the constructor.

basically the question is how to autowire a non-singleton bean, so it's autowiring will also work ?

This is quite complicated to explain, so I hope you understand my question...

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You could make your ExecuteBidProposalTask class ApplicationContextAware (essentially injecting the application context into the bean). Then you can declare your BidProposalTask bean in your context file and make the scope="prototype". Then in your start method in ExecuteBidProposalTask you can do: context.getBean("bidProposalTask"); and pass that to the executor. Since you declared the scope as prototype, a new instance (not a singleton) will be constructed and returned when you request the bean.

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that's sounds interesting, do you have maybe a link, or an example for such an injection ? –  stdcall Dec 2 '11 at 21:04
It's pretty easy. Just make ExecuteBidProposalTask implement ApplicationContextAware (see blog.imaginea.com/making-a-spring-bean-applicationcontext-aware) then you can literally call applicationContext.getBean("bidProposalTask"); and as long as the bean is defined like this <bean id='bidProposalTask' class="your.class.here" scope="prototype"/> you'll always get a new instance. –  Chris Dec 2 '11 at 21:10
Yes, but how do I provide a variable argument to each instance of bidProposalTask ? –  stdcall Dec 2 '11 at 21:56
Have a setter on the class and call it after you get the instance from the context but before you send it to the executor. –  Chris Dec 2 '11 at 23:36

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