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Started working on Firefox add ons, which is done with JavaScript and XUL, and I find myself sorely wanting to use Dojo or someother kind of JavaScript like library, but I can't find one that exists. So I was thinking of starting a library by porting Dojo over to a Firefox add on specific fork. Get rid off the cross browser stuff, use array comprehension and other nice stuff available in Firefox's JavaScript engine. I worry about whether or not there's enough of a userbase who'd take advantage of this, but more than that I guess I'm wondering if there's already something like this? Google finds nothing.

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Mozilla Corp developed a JavaScript library for this purpose: FUEL.

it is developed by John Resig the creator of jQuery.

To know how to use jQuery inside FF extension look at this similar question

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jQuery, at least, functions perfectly well when embedded in a Firefox addon. I can't quote you names, but I've heard that several popular addons are already using jQuery.

Here's an article discussing using jQuery within XUL and some of the hoops you may need to jump through.

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It is fairly common to embed jQuery in firefox extensions.

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