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I used to start tomcat from its bin folder with the startup.bat. By running that script it opened a java window in which I can see the outputs from tomcat. However, I've been told that this is not the right way to start tomcat on a windows server. Therefore I start tomcat now over the service program. By doing so no java window is being opened anymore and therefore I can't see the output msg from tomcat.

I have also looked into the logs folder of tomcat. Those saved outputs are not the same as the one I had/have in java window. Does anyone know where I can find those outputs?

Many thanks in advance for any advices.

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If we assume your install is in C:\program files\apache software foundation\apache-tomcat{ver}\

then it is inside, in the log directory, in a file catalina.out.

C:\program files\apache software foundation\apache-tomcat{ver}\logs\catalina.out

It's worth to note the name of the file depends on your configuration, also the name of the logs directory can be different depending on configuration but I assume you preserved default config.

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There I have for example a file catalina.2011-12-02.log. But this does not contain the same information as the java output window... – mkn Dec 2 '11 at 20:43
Is it possible that besides the catalina.2011-12-02.log you have files that are named localhost{foo}.log and manager{foo}.log? I am pretty sure the combination of those files would be exactly what you would normally see in your java console, unless your tomcat is configured otherwise. – baba Dec 2 '11 at 20:52
The problem was that Tomcat didn't have the rights to write all the logs in the User's folder. I changed that and now I can also see stout log files. – mkn Dec 10 '11 at 8:23

Usually the logs should be in $TOMCAT_HOME/logs

When running tomcat as a service, i have noticed that Tomcat sometimes generated logs in the folder where tomcat was started from so also check $TOMCAT_HOME/bin for any possible log files.

This is why you should configure Log4j so that you have control of where the log files are created.

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