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I have a jQuery post that returns some objects.

So, I have a DB query result that I do json_encode($result) and then I send it as a response in the success function inside the jQuery post.

If I console.log the response I see multiple objects. What I want is to send the response as an array of arrays.



In javascript:

success: function(json) {

In console log:

[>Object , >Object , >Object]

Any ideas?

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Your $results in php is an array of objects or of associative arrays. Make it an array of numerically-indexed arrays before you send with casting:

// ASSUMING each $result object does not have its own nested arrays
foreach ($results as &$result) {
    $result = array_values((array) $result);

Note you will lose the ability to get items by column name.

But please step back and think about where your $result comes from.

If you are using mysql driver, consider doing this when building your result:

$results = array();
// Note we use MYSQL_NUM option, so $row looks like array('col1value', 'col2value')
while (FALSE !== ($row = mysql_result_array($resource, MYSQL_NUM))) {
    $results[] = $row;

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In Javascript with JQuery:


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In php, casting:

$aArray = (array) $oObject;

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json encode will encode a string as a json OBJECT which in javascript is an object. in javascript an array is simply an object with special helper functions. there shouldn't be a need to create an array from the object as you can manipulate an object as easily as you can manipulate an array.

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