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I have a PHP script on my server that is making a request to another server for an image.

The script is accessed just like a regular image source like this:

<img src="http://example.com/imagecontroller.php?id=1234" />

Browser -> Script -> External Server

The script is doing a CURL request to the external server.

Is it possible to "stream" the CURL response directly back to the client (browser) as it is received on the server?

Assume my script is on a slow shared hosting server and the external server is blazing fast (a CDN). Is there a way to serve the response directly back to the client without my script being a bottleneck? It would be great if my server didn't have to wait for the entire image to be loaded into memory before beginning the response to the client.


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Check out Pascal Martin's answer to an unrelated question, in which he discusses using CURLOPT_FILE for streaming curl responses. His explanation for handling " PHP: Manipulate a string that that is 30 mil chars long? " should work in your case.

Hope this helps!

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Not with curl, you could use fsocket to do streaming.

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