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How can I select from two tables where table 1 returns 1 row and table 2 returns multiple rows resulting in NO duplicates from table 1?

Below, page.title has one row.  page_images.image_loc can have anything from 1 to 10. If page_images.image_loc has 2 or more, page.title will be duplicated for the count of page_images.image_loc rows. How can I limit page.title to 1, but not page_images.image_loc?

$query = mysql_query("
                      SELECT page.title,
                      FROM page, page_images
                      WHERE page.url_category = '$category' AND
                      page.url_title = page_images.page_title
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You could try SELECT page.title, GROUP_CONCAT(page_images.image_loc) AS image_locs ... GROUP BY page.title to collect all the image_loc values in one row, then separate the list with explode().

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