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I am trying to do some simulations and math operations that are highly recursive and in some edge cases I overflow the call stack and get a EXC_BAD_ACCESS signal. It is unfeasable to change the algorithms to an iterative form since it is a lot of legacy code. And a recursion depth limit would not be useful because the use of memory is non deterministic.

Is there a way to detect the amount of stack available so I can cancel the operation gracefully?

Is it possible to implement a type of Stack Canary that I can continuously check is not overriden?

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Have you figured this out yet, cause I have the same problem and no idea how to solve it – Levi Apr 24 '13 at 13:43

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If thread-safety is not a concern, use a static variable. Something like this:

int recurse(int something) {
  static int depth = 0;
  if (depth > MAX_DEPTH) { // bail }

  int result = recurse(...);
  return result;

If thread-safety is a concern, you could pass depth as a parameter.

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