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Is there a way of marking methods/classes in C++ as obsolete?

In c# you can write:

[Obsolete("You shouldn't use this method anymore.")]
void foo() {}

I use the GNU toolchain/Eclipse CDT if that matters.

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The easiest way is with a #define DEPRECATED. On GCC, it expands to __attribute__((deprecated)), on Visual C++ it expands to __declspec(deprecated), and on compilers that do not have something silimar it expands to nothing.

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Only using compiler dependent pragmas: look up the documentation

 int old_fn () __attribute__ ((deprecated));
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This shows how to deprecate a function. Can an entire class be deprecated as well? The question hinted at this briefly, and I found this question via Google. It'd be nice to capture that here. –  Drew Noakes May 8 '13 at 23:29

I don't know about the version of C++ you are using, but Microsoft's Visual C++ has a deprecated pragma. Perhaps your version has something similar.

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